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  A tribute to libraries by author Sharol Louise
Sharol Louise – A tribute to libraries:

The original Montebello Library
The original library of Montebello, CA

I'm passionate about libraries! I remember climbing the steps to our library as a young girl, dwarfed by the Olympian building. I often tell friends the library saved my life–haven was found in its cavernous rooms.

The Redmond Library, King County, WA
Redmond Library
King County, WA

Yes, I do have more in this section than in my biography, but that’s because libraries define who I am:

After school, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle told me stories, and taught me about integrity and loyalty.

Newport Library, Bellevue, WA
Newport Library
Bellevue, WA

Mary Stewart took me with her on her travels of romance, mystery, and adventure in foreign lands.

Edgar Rice Burroughs taught me how to be a hero, and that I too could survive another day. He gave me a world to look forward to; a world I could escape to. But that's another story—not very interesting, and not very unusual, in the world of dandelion children who must grow quickly and blow away.

The Henry E. Huntington Library, San Mateo, CA
Henry E. Huntington Library
San Mateo, CA

Some authors dream of mass paperback markets and money ...

I dreamt of my own book in the library. Imagine when I sold my first book, and to a library publisher!

My wish is to help fellow readers escape to a happier world. If I can entertain you, I will consider myself successful.

Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA
Seattle Library
Seattle, WA

I've been fortunate to be a volunteer docent at The Seattle Public Library —one of the most striking buildings in the United States.

Leading school and public tours for many years was a special memory for me.

Please support your local library. I KNOW it can make the difference in one child’s life.

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