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Raven Heights Manor, by Sharol Louise
Raven Heights Manor

In the 18th century, on the desolate northern coast of Cornwall, ancient Raven Heights Manor perches like its namesake, its claws buried tenuously in the crags of the cliff.

When orphaned Claire Temple is summoned to live with her uncle at Raven Heights Manor, the uncle she has yet to meet is absent and she is left with just the housekeeper and staff.

The cliff walk is forbidden, as a young woman recently fell to her death. The inquisition determined it was an accident, but once Claire discovers the first cryptic clue hidden by the victim in fear of death, Claire is not so sure.

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Secret Bride, by Sharol Louise
RoseHill Manor

What is the harm in a small fib? Stung by a recent scandal, Lady Constance simply desires a quiet country escape. Yet she now finds herself embroiled in an outrageous scheme — her friend has fabricated that Constance is a paid companion, the impeccable “Miss Violet.”

Marcus Coleville, Earl of Havington, is determined to test his sister’s companion with the elusive references. In his not-so-humble opinion, a prune–faced spinster would have been preferable to this Miss with the cascading honey locks.

RoseHill Manor is the story of an independent young lady who will sacrifice her own freedom to grant her best friend a summer to treasure.

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Secret Sister, by Sharol Louise
Secret Bride

Who would make a better fiancée in a pinch — An actress? A shopkeeper? Or a school teacher?

Damion Templeton, Viscount Woodhurst, has fourteen days to find a fiancée. It’s the least he can do to make his dying grandmother happy. Of course, she doesn’t need to know it’s a temporary ruse. An actress should do nicely.

Miss Alix Adams falls off the wall of the local school while rescuing her young student from a tree. Damion rides by, and the curtain of fate rises on a new stage plan.

Secret Bride is the story of a young lady who makes a deal with a stranger. Because when you’re penniless, and an orphan, money can be so tempting.

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Secret Sister, by Sharol Louise
Secret Sister

The reading of the will takes place in twenty–one days ... Miss Madeline Pickett is on her way to London, to hug the family she never knew and the sister she’s always wished for. But why not have an outdoor adventure along the way?

Jace Remington has been sent from London to unmask the scheming fortune huntress claiming to be a missing relative. Though, perhaps he should not have masqueraded as the expert Scottish outdoorsman who will escort Madeline on her journey.

Secret Sister is the story of a young woman about to meet the sister she’s never known, and her adventures on the way to London escorted by an imposter.

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